Dr. Shivam Gupta

Research Associate
Field of Research: GIS, Health, ICT, Sustainability

Room: 1.002 / Genscherallee 3, 53113 Bonn

2015-2018 – Doctor of Philosophy
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany
Topic: Spatial modelling of air pollution for open smart cities

2012-2014 – Master of Science in GIS
Symbiosis International University, Pune, India

2008-2012 – Bachelor in Pharmacy
Gautam Buddha Technical University, Lucknow, India

I am a Researcher at the Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research. Prior to this position, I was a Marie Curie Researcher (European Commission) on the topic of “Enabling Open smart cities” and also worked as a Software engineer in a leading global geospatial company.
I hold a PhD in Geoinformatics from the University of Münster in consortial with the University of Jaume I, Spain and IMS Nova, Portugal on the topic of “Spatial modelling of air pollution for open smart cities”.
My research interests include Geohealth and geomedicine, One Health, geospatial technologies for the city, Urban analytics, sustainable and low-cost solution development, citizen science, AI and ML applications for sustainable and improved quality of life.
My recent scientific contributions involve the development of geospatial optimisation methods for optimal placement of air quality sensors to monitor high-resolution air quality information using official as well as citizen participation approach. Furthermore, I also proposed approaches to bring together private-public stakeholders for intracity air pollution monitoring. I also demonstrated a  low-cost solution to overcome the limited traffic data problem by utilises WiFi signals and machine learning algorithms for traffic monitoring. 
In my future research, I will focus on understanding how digitalisation has contributed to the sustainable development to understand better the requirement of the future digitalisation workflows to help to achieve a sustainable and safe.
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