Online Survey “Alternative Sustainabilities”

Sustainability and sustainable development will accompany us in the years to come, challenging us intellectually in dealing with the scientific basis as well as with the implementation. Particularly, this involves addressing the criticisms of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN Agenda 2030 adopted in 2015, ranging from its inspiration by “Western” paradigms, economic (GDP based) growth and its silence on the trade-offs between goals.

The head office of the Bonn Alliance and the working group “Alternative Sustainabilities” (working title) at the University of Bonn are addressing scientists at all career levels and from different disciplines with a short online survey to collect diverse approaches to what we call “sustainability”, especially by activating knowledge from regional sciences and from context-specific research projects.

Together with the “Alternative Sustainabilities” Working Group, the Bonn Alliance head office aims to broaden and diversify the existing sustainability discourse in academia.

The short online survey addresses the Bonn-based scientific community, in particular the Bonn Alliance partner institutions (BICC, DIE, H-BRS, UNU-EHS, University of Bonn and ZEF) and aims to

  • collect background information and ideas, and
  • contact colleagues who are interested in the topic and want to draw attention to their work.

Take part now and share your knowledge with us!

The survey is in English and open until October 24, 2021.
The survey is part of the program line “Sustainability – Looking beyond 2030”.

Dr. Sandra Gilgan (Managing Director, Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research)