Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

At the end of this year we would like to pause for a moment, look back on this challenging and special year 2020:

The topic of digitalization has accompanied us throughout the year – in our research project digitainable and in the form of collaboration. The first virtual digitainable Thinkathon took place on April 28, 2020. Within the network we exchanged information about events and research in the virtual space. In June we celebrated the launch of our new website in a fresh design, opened our own YouTube channel in September, and started October with a new edition of our monthly newsletter. Together with colleagues from ZEF, we launched the project “Bioeconomy in North Rhine-Westphalia: A Study on the Reorientation of the NRW Bioeconomy Strategy” (funded by MULNV), and in the summer months we conducted a research mapping on “Mobility and Migration” within the Bonn Alliance in order to focus more strongly on the synergy potential of our partners’ competencies. Further cooperation approaches were discussed in a follow-up workshop. One synergy potential has manifested itself in a panel: Experts from the Bonn Alliance spoke at the virtual climate conference “Daring Cities” on the importance of networked research in climate migration.

We wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!